Body Fat Testing by BodyMetrix

The Most Accurate and Least Invasive Body Fat Testing Available Today.

Knowing your body composition, fat mass and fat-free mass (including muscle mass), is one of the best ways to get an accurate understanding what what’s going on in your body. The scale can only tell you so much.  And considering muscle mass is 33% more dense than fat mass, it can be confusing when your clothes become loser, but the scale doesn’t move!  Especially as you take on a new fitness program, it’s helpful to see where you’re starting from.

Make sure you sign up for a complete Diagnostic Fitness and Nutrition Evaluation, Body Composition Testing, and Consultation

Here’s what you’ll get:

Scheduled one on one time with a fitness and nutrition expert.

Complete Body Composition Testing and review of your results.

Strategic session to discover your goals and motivation.

Address any Nutrition Questions.


Cost of Consultation and Body Composition Test is $65.  You can sign up to schedule your session below and you will be taken to our order form page:


The BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate Body Fat % and weight distribution. Below is an example when using a 3 site Formula:

“This is the tool I use most often and is now being used by world famous teams like the New York Yankees and AC Milan football”

Tim Ferris, author of the “4 Hour Body”

Your Personal Scan will give you the following data:

Measure Body Fat %

Body Scans (Tracking Fat Loss & Muscle Gain)

Point-Specific Measurement Thickness

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – Measures How many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis!

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Relative Disease Risk

Lean Body Mass

Detailed Health Assessment Reporting

Photo Gallery

3D Virtualization

Import Data

Advanced Data Management

Unlimited Profile Database